Stealth is a one of a kind Venture Studio that’s building disruptive companies positioned to fundamentally change existing markets. We conceptualize, build & invest in AI startups & early stage technology companies that are disrupting the present in service of a better future. Our mission is to destroy the conventions, rules, orders of the past that are no longer sustainable & make space for something new.

Stealth will invest into large-scale cloud compute, attracting and retaining talented people, building AI supercomputers and startups that use AI to improve human life. As we grow these businesses, we also hope to help many of you enter the field of AI, and do the important work of building an AI-powered society.

Current portfolio hold over 200 companies including a disruptive EdTech platform that's reinventing the way we learn and work, a solar adoption platform that makes buying solar simple and affordable, a Crypto Asset Investment Fund, Cinema 4D, IoT-Laced Immersive Entertainment Experiences, a Smartphone App for side money gigs, and an AI research and Deployment company that’s advancing digital intelligence to improve human existence and move humanity forward.

Our goal is to build 1,000 companies by 2025.

Stealth startups span across 60 Sectors including TMT, EdTech, Clean Energy, BCI, VR, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. We’re interested in tech startups that use AI to drastically improve life on this planet and make it more interesting.



June 2019 - August 2019 Irvine, CA
“Everything was great. The team I was with were amazing. We had tons of fun with our project it was an amazing experience. I learned so much and gained experience being on a team as well as working individually ”

Web Developer Intern

May 2020 - July 2020 Irvine, CA
“I was given a lot of choices to choose my project. This helped me work on something that I am interested in and learn more about the topic. ”
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