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DCE Internship-Data Analytics, Marketing, Programming, UIUX, Marketing, Biz Dev & more

FORKAIA is a disruptive technology company that’s reinventing the way we live, work, and play.


We’re working on some pretty cool stuff:

and have some pretty wild ideas:

Our goal is to destroy the conventions, rules, orders of the past that are no longer sustainable and make space for something new and exciting.

The internship is designed for educational training so rather than having you do the work of regular employees, we want you to learn about different parts of our business. We like to switch up the workload using a rotational program.

You’ll gain experience working on startups across multiple industries, learning the different facets of entrepreneurship and what it takes to bring an idea to market via FORKAIA Startup Academy

We have a ton of interesting projects you can work on in the FORKIA IDEA.LAB

We also give our interns an opportunity to get first hand experience building their portfolio working on consulting projects in their related field through the FORKAIA AGENCY\\\

Working directly with our Agency clients will also give you great exposure and a chance to showcase your skills and capabilities while learning from mentors in your aspiring fields.

The FORKAIA Internship Program is very flexible. You can work on your own time, whenever you want from wherever you want on any project you like.

You can work on one or all 100 start-ups, do strictly Agency work or a mix of both, it’s up to you.

Our Free Synergy Ecosystem gives our interns access to move freely within roles, teams and startups and choose to work on whatever they want. You can open any of Forkaia’s doors and try out different companies, sectors and roles so you can get a good feel of what you like and don’t like as you prepare to launch your career.

You don’t have to be a software engineer If you want to work in Tech. You just need passion and the drive to learn; there’s IT, data, engineering, research, marketing, sales, product, operations, administration, design and communication to choose from.

This will be more than an internship, by working at FORKAIA you’re part an network of resources, opportunities, people and ideas that will last you a lifetime. We’re building a world that hires, works, lives and thinks differently and we're excited to share that with you.

The Internship is broken down in 2 sections: IDEA.LAB and AGENCY\\\

We’re looking for motivated individuals who are interested on working on projects that are shaping our future. Because we’re a start-up there are many things to be done and your background, peculiar talents, areas of study and diversity is welcome and encouraged. We hire in the following teams:

TEAM 0 - PM - Project Manager
TEAM 1 - Developers - App/Web/Mobile 
TEAM 2 - Creative - UIUX, Graphic Design, Writers, Film Production
TEAM 3 - Marketing - PR, Sales, BD, Customer Service
TEAM 4 - DATA - Data Science & Analytics

We work with you and task jobs in the areas you find interesting so you’re engaged and learning all the time. Every day is different and you’ll be working on multiple, innovative projects simultaneously.

We have a collaborative environment where we discuss challenges and ideas openly. Everything from quick design questions, philosophic discussions, to fun ideas for our technology – nothing is off limits.

At FORKAIA, you have the utmost creative freedom to work on your passions, and be able to make a significant impact early on. We want our team to think unconventionally, be creative, and find elegant solutions to problems that are yet unsolved. We are an engineering-driven organization; everyone here makes product decisions.

INTERNSHIP DETAILS: The FORKAIA Internship Program is very flexible; you can work on your own time, whenever you want from wherever you want on any project you like.

The FORKAIA internship is broken down in 2 sections: and IDEA.LAB and AGENCY\\\

You can work on one or all 100+ start-ups, do strictly Agency work or a mix of both, it’s up to you.

The Idea Lab portion of the internship is all about startups and entrepreneurship.

We believe that young entrepreneurs like yourself will unlock human potential and make the world a better place. We build technology solutions to solve problems and test many ideas in parallel. When one shows great promise, we tap into our vast and talented ecosystem and mobilize a great team, spin it off into a company, and help them grow a successful business.

FORKAIA’s a place for inspiration and experimentation. We like new ideas and pushing boundaries. We spend 95% of our time and resources on R&D.

We want you to follow your passions, be creative, open-minded and think outside the box.

We also believe you will need to learn how to market yourself and your skills to be able to excel in your careers so we're inviting you to work on projects for our Agency clients.

It’s an opportunity to get first hand experience building your portfolio working on Solving real-time problems in your field of study with a very diverse and talented team. You’ll learn from each other, grow professionally, get valuable feedback, and enhance your professional reputations because of what you’re able to accomplish together.

This will give you great exposure, showcasing your skills and along with real experience, working for the FORKAIA Agency results in actual work product that you can point to and say, “I did that.” Because our Agency clients are usually project-based, it is a very clear demonstration of your skill - Agency projects put project-based learning into action.

  • Collaborate with friendly, talented people with diverse backgrounds
  • Fun and exciting projects to choose from
  • Flexible schedule 
  • Projects/work tailored towards your interest
  • Make contacts across multiple industries who can help you in your career
  • Get Exposure, Boost Your reputation
  • Learn Startups and Entrepreneurship
  • Get invaluable experience, experimenting with multiple different businesses and industries
  • Build impressive and extensive portfolio and gain real life experience working with diverse teams
  • Build a pipeline of clients that will likely contact you first for future jobs
  • Vast Ecosystem; you may meet your future Employer
  • Opportunity for Full-Time employment
  • Make extra money on Agency Projects (via Stipends/If eligible)
  • Join a Startup of your choice permanently with equity in company
  • LEARN hands-on from a serial entrepreneur ( and currently CEO of multiple startups,, etc...
  • Academic Credit (If Eligible)

There’s plenty of opportunity at FORKAIA and we look to hire exceptional interns on a permanent, paid basis if they express interest in continuing to work for FORKAIA Corporation, The Agency or any of the Idea Lab Start-ups. Depending on your performance we can bring you onboard in a capacity of roles, among them are:

  • AGENCY\\\  - Make money working on interesting projects for our clients.

  • Full-Time Hire - Work for FORKAIA CORPORATION on a Full-Time basis. 

  • IDEA.LAB Equity - Get ownership stake of the start-up you’re working on and enjoy the entrepreneurial ride.

  • Build Your Own App - Pitch your Startup to Idea Lab and FORKAIA will help make it happen. 

  • TALENT (coming soon) Play Moneyball and become a Forkaia free agent. Sign with our Talent Agency and choose from multiple competitive offers from your ideal employers and take control of your own career trajectory. 

Academic Credit: Students may receive course credit for internship. Staff will work with the school/advisor on achieving desired learning outcomes and completing all necessary paperwork.

LOCATION: We’re headquartered at UCI Applied Innovation in Irvine, California but you can also work Remotely.