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Experteze Internship

Experteze is a non-profit organization ( dedicated to career specific training the students from various universities around the world in the areas of bioinformatics, computational biology and systems biology to begin their career in R&D. It is inviting applicants to participate in their Experteze Internship program.

Experteze Interns will be assigned and work with members of the Experteze Research Staff on selected research topics. Experteze provides an active engagement model, and by the end of this internship, students will have understood and obtained hand-on experience how to perform cutting edge research together with peers around the world. Please note that this is an unpaid internship. While much of the team interactions and collaboration will be online, the interns will be expected to do significant amount of library (e.g. literature review) and computer (e.g. analysis) work independently. Interns will also have the opportunity to participate in the workshops and bootcamps conducted periodically by Experteze.

The internship duration is 3 months. We have multiple internship positions available throughout the year on a rolling basis.

Job Responsibilities:
1.    Engage with other researchers in assigned research projects (typically 3 months).
2.   Perform the assigned duties (such as library/literature search and review, computer programming, data collection etc).
3.   Complete the requirements of the training program (including writing the project reports)
4.   Provide feedback based on their learning during the training.
Candidate Background:
1.   Working knowledge of biology.
2.  Working knowledge of computer science and Statistics.
3.   Working knowledge of python and R.
4.   Ability to perform independent research, individually and in the team settings.
5.   Team player and good interpersonal skills.
6.   Good computer and communication (written and verbal) skills.
Benefits to the trainee:
1.   Gain understanding of the science of bioinformatics.
2.   Gain experience doing independent research.
3.   Opportunity to network with peers around the world.
Additional Information:
1.   This position is virtual. Most of the work will be done outside the office. Most of the work involves getting online, as well as off-site (e.g libraries etc.).
2.   We will interact as a team closely using online resources (skype, zoom, goto meeting) etc.
The goal of Experteze (a non profit organization) is to promote science education and research to the young generation of students globally, particularly women and minorities, interested in science and motivate them to pursue a career in scientific research and development. We work collaboratively with partner universities and industry around the world to develop creative and innovative ways to engage the students and staff/researchers to maintain their passion and enthusiasm for science and technology. In this context, we have organized several activities, including seminars, hands-on workshops and special independent projects. Please visit our for more details about our programs.