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Screenplay Reading Internship - SPRING 2022 (Remote)

Abbot Entertainment seeks part-time, remote script reading intern for its Feature Film Development Internship. This internship program provides film students with second-to-none training in feature film development -- namely how to read, judge, and give notes on a screenplay. This includes a thorough education in feature film story mechanics. The student gets exclusive access to 25 current feature projects - each at various stages of development. The program is 13 weeks long and requires approximately 10-12 hours per week. (Additional assignments totaling 4 hours per week will be provided for Emerson students.)

´╗┐The purpose of the internship is to expose the students to a wide variety of material in order to give them perspective, to train them to think objectively about story, and to teach them how to diagnose specific problems in screenplays using critical frameworks. The workload is similar to that of a difficult 4-credit, university-level course. Credit cannot be given to students who do not complete the program, so please only apply if you are certain your schedule can accommodate the full course.

** If interested, please email us your resume and a brief cover letter, detailing your interest in and any experience with screenwriting/development. Students seeking academic credit are preferred, so please indicate if this is the case.

The student's work is reviewed on a continual basis and there are various learning/feedback sessions along the way. This includes 2-3 one-on-one phone calls, 5-6 Zoom Lectures with the class, and occasional written feedback via email.

SCHEDULE, SYLLABUS - Subject to Change
  • Interview - The interview is used to assess, not just the student's fit for the program, but also the student's specific interests and needs.
  • First Call - Should the student be chosen for the internship, the first feedback session is conducted a week and half into the start of the program. That call usually lasts 15-20 minutes and focuses on general guidance based on the first three coverages.
  • First Zoom Lecture - Focuses on the purpose of coverage in development, as well as specific guidance on evaluating overall, premise, character, and structure mechanics.
  • Second Zoom Lecture - Specific guidance on conflict, dialogue and tone mechanics.
  • Second Call - Check in, tailored guidance.
  • Third Zoom Lecture - Specific guidance on pacing, originality, and logic.
  • Fourth Zoom Lecture - Discussion of the business of film. May welcome an industry guest.
  • Third Call / Exit interview - Retrospective of the projects and their status. Professional guidance.