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Technical Research Assistant I, DOM's Hematology Division

The Van Galen Lab applies innovative technologies to study normal blood and leukemia development. We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated individual to perform experiments under the supervision of the principal investigator or senior lab member and possibly have an independent project. The selected candidate will perform multi-omics analyses of blood cells, work with a high degree of independence, organize notebooks and manage data, and perform other laboratory experiments in the field of hematology, cancer biology and immunology. Learning and contributing to bioinformatics pipelines is optional. Ideal candidates will be looking to further their career by learning and adopting new research skillsets.

•   Perform routine and non-routine experiments, which are moderate to complex, with increasing independence. These include DNA and RNA isolation, PCR and single-cell RNA-sequencing.
•   Process cells from patients that donate blood cells for research; maintain and expand biobank.
•   Maintain long-term tissue cultures of human cell lines, monitor cells for viability and contamination.
•   Flow cytometry.
•   Maintain a detailed electronic laboratory notebook to reproduce experiments precisely.
•   Consult with the principal investigator and implement adjustments in experimental design.
•   Prepare laboratory reagents and chemicals, organize storage. Meticulously maintain and update databases of laboratory supplies and storage. Order new supplies on time to maintain inventory. 
•   Keep track of consistent storage and processing of Next-Generation Sequencing data.
•   Oversee the lab’s Institutional Laboratory Safety and Biohazard protocols, amend as needed, and assure that all lab members are familiar with and adhere to the protocols.
•   Perform routine maintenance and calibration of laboratory equipment, if necessary.
•   Perform authentication procedures such as plasmid sequencing, cell line verification by STR and mycoplasma assays.
•   Become proficient in Excel, Geneious, FlowJo, GraphPad Prism and R to analyze and critically evaluate data. 
•   Present data and relevant research publications in lab meetings. Help to prepare presentations and written articles for publication.
•   All other duties, as assigned.


•   Laboratory environment with occasional work with toxic chemicals, biohazards, and substances emitting unpleasant odors.
•   Work requires frequent standing, walking and occasional lifting or carrying supplies.
Qualifications - External
•   Bachelor's degree in a biological/physical science.
•   Previous experience with techniques in molecular biology and cell biology.
•   Knowledge of sterile technique.
•   Experience with laboratory work including cell culture.
•   Experience with computational biology.
•   Previous work experience in an academic research setting.
•   A positive attitude and eagerness to learn.
•   Comfortable with working independently and in a team. Good oral and written communication skills.
•   Ability to learn and perform a variety of laboratory protocols, to identify potential problems and troubleshoot solutions.
•   Be extremely organized.
•   High degree of computer and analytical skills. Ability to logically present data.
•   Visual acuity and manual dexterity.
•   Sound judgment regarding time-management and laboratory safety.
•   Concern for detail: thoroughness; precision.