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CS105/Ed Equity Lab Section Leaders

Call for CS105/Ed Equity Lab Section Leaders
July 2022
We invite you to apply to be part of a partnership that we hope is the basis for a new model of equity-driven digital learning at Stanford.  
The opportunity is to serve as a Section Leader (SLs) for a special high school version of an introductory Stanford CS course (CS 105) in Fall 2022. This is the second time Stanford is offering CS105 for dual credit – meaning it will carry both college and high school credit. The rest of this message has more background and information on how to apply
The end of the pandemic will bring new opportunities for digital learning, which can be a powerful force for equity and access. Faculty can use their new online skills, supported by tech, to help blaze pathways to higher education for those who most need it. We can address systemic inequities in access to engaging, college-level learning experiences by reaching upstream into the K-12 system and supporting students from historically underserved communities online.

To test this hypothesis, Stanford is partnering with a nonprofit organization called the National Education Equity Lab. In collaboration with top universities, the Equity Lab offers dual enrollment credit-bearing college courses to students in Title 1 schools (schools in which low-income families make up at least 40% of enrollment).

Last Fall we launched a pilot collaboration between Stanford and the Equity Lab. CS105 (taught by Patrick Young) was the first course we offered. We have offered two other courses in Winter and Spring, and look forward to offering a second iteration of CS105 in Fall 2022. We are currently recruiting up to 25 Section Leaders (similar to section leaders) to support roughly 250 high school students who will take the course from up to 20 schools across the country. Building on the teaching model of Code in Place and other educational outreach initiatives, this course will offer the human support and community that replicates the experience of a Stanford course on campus. 

CS 105 roughly covers three topic areas: 
  • How computers and the internet work, which covers the fundamentals of computer hardware, data representation and networking. 
  • Hands on development, which covers introductory web development and programming in Python
  • Additional topics such as computer security and privacy

Role Details
Hours & Dates: up to 10-12* hours/week; August 15 - January 15

Role: Deliver the CS105 course material to high school students in weekly section meetings, support students through the course, and prepare students for college-level course rigor.
Enrollment for the Equity Lab CS course will be about 250 high school students from across the country. There will be about 10-15 students assigned to each SL. Training and lesson plan guidance will be provided all along the way. 
  • Each week you’ll be responsible for co-leading (with a high school teacher) a one hour-long required discussion section. (There may be additional live office hours, depending on the needs of students.)
  • Sections will have a student teacher ratio as close to 10-15:1 as possible
  • Sections will be held during the school day in various time zones across the U.S., from Hawaii time to Eastern time. We’ll do our best to schedule Section Leaders based on your availability.
  • Expected time commitment is approximately 10 hours per week
  • Weekly 30-minute staff meetings
  • Teaching a 1-hour weekly section
  • Preparing for section
  • Hosting 1-hour office hours
  • Meeting with your high school teacher partner
  • Grading student work
  • Escalating administrative problems to SL Coordinators
  • Things NOT expected of SLs
  • Resolving administrative issues with schools and students
  • Scheduling sections, exams, or other logistics
  • Online Training:
  • Pre-Course Training: Attending training that will prepare you for navigating your interactions with the students and high school teachers as well as course material and structure preparation.
  • During-Course Training: Weekly staff meetings with Section Leader Coordinators to discuss section materials and teaching strategies. 

Expected time commitment: 
  • August 15-Sept 15: 1-10 hours/week, including SL training (5-6 hours), meetings with high school teachers, familiarizing yourself with course materials, assisting with some pre-course materials with the students. 
  • Sept 15 - Dec 15: 10-12 hours/week, including duties described above. 
  • Dec 15 - Jan 15: 1-10 hours/week, including grading and wrap up of course.  
Skills and Experiences: 
  • Proficiency with course content is required
  • Previous teaching CS at Stanford and/or to high school students is highly recommended
  • Course Assistant or Section Leader in CS at Stanford is preferred
  • Experience with title 1 high school students would be beneficial
SLs will be paid $23/hour and will need to be eligible to work in the US. This position does not come with tuition support. The work location will be remote, but we do have some limited office spaces for drop down work on campus if needed. SLs will need to complete a background check, get an I9 form verified in-person in their current location, and complete mandated reporter training (~30 mins).

* Enrolled Stanford students may have limits on the number of hours they are permitted to work.