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Algorithm Engineer (China)

Log on to Lenovo's official website and when creating a resume, select "Lenovo Employee Recommendation" in "Where to Get Recruitment Information" and enter the recommender's ITcode, namely LLP2023
Job Responsibilities:
1. Engaged in the research and development of algorithms in data analysis, machine learning, deep learning, intelligent speech, graphics and images, acoustic technology, AR/VR, natural language processing, intelligent interaction, recommendation algorithms, knowledge maps, etc., and implemented products;
2. Customize the algorithm based on business scenarios and requirements, improve the reliability of the algorithm model, and complete related development work at the same time.

Job requirements:
1. Fresh graduates at home and abroad with graduation time from September 1, 2022 to August 31, 2023, computer, artificial intelligence, automation, mathematics, statistics, acoustics, optics, image, signal and information processing, pattern recognition, Mathematics, physics and other related majors;
6. Familiar with one of the AI fields such as computer vision (CV), computer graphics (CG), AI, voice interaction, image recognition and understanding, spatial computing, and relevant research and development experience is preferred.