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Part-Time Medical/Wellness Content Communicator

(Immediate, Flexible hours/Remote locations) Paid Part-Time Medical/Wellness Content Communicator 

We are searching for a few creative, light-hearted, detail-oriented content communicator interns to deliver health and wellness messages to empower people to stay active and live healthily. You can have fully flexible working hours and locations. All majors are welcome. Pre-med, Health-related, English, Communications, Journalism, and Marketing majors are pluses. Our pay scale varies quite a bit, depending on the students' capability and experience. Applicant interviews are on a rolling basis, and you can start anytime when you are ready!
·     Deliver health and wellness messages/conversations (the finished video is less than 2 minutes) in front of a camera for our CaringDr platform.
·     Summarize assigned health and wellness topics from our materials and script the messages in an accurate, crisp, and light-hearted humorous way.
·     You can be creative in bringing props, background music, and relevant digital backdrops for the videos.
·     Communicate your planned scripts, props, narration, and background music effectively with key stakeholders before proceeding.
·     You might need to record your interviews with invited speakers.
·     Don’t be afraid to be creative to speak any health and wellness information in plain English.
·     Have a strong sense of light-hearted humor without any sarcasm, negativity, or slang.
·     Passionate in improving the fitness and health of yourself and everyone.
·     Familiarity with US culture
·     Interested in how healthcare touches everyday life
·     Inspired to be a medical doctor, health news reporter, talk show host, public relations, or marketer in the future
·     An occasional sport/fitness player - a leisure runner or cyclist a plus
·     Pre-med students: Remember when you practice medicine, you will need to explain to the press, the general public, and your patients/caregivers about medical conditions and wellness. Learn how to do it now, and you will be way ahead of your peers!!
·     Communication/Journalism/English major students: It's always a niche to be able to articulate and explain medical terms to the general public. You might land a job at Bloomberg, CNN, Yahoo...or even managing consultants/investment banking positions!!
Please provide the following three videos. The message needs to be clear and accurate. Put your videos in your Google Drive and share the link in the Other document of your application.
·     A less than 2-minute video to tell us about yourself. We want to know about you, tell us about your passion, career inspiration, and how you have been preparing for it.
·     Summarize the information about pollen allergy from , and script it into two-person conversations. Record yourself by role-playing the two persons, and edit the video in less than 2 minutes. Briefly explain what pollen allergy is and how to manage it. 
·     Record a less than 2 minutes video to convince college students NOT to smoke weed. You can show images or play videos while you voice over them. Extract key information from and