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Family Group Decision Making Coordinator

Summary: This position will function primarily as the Family Group Decision Making Coordinator. This position will coordinate and facilitate Family Group Decision Making Conferences. This involves meeting and engaging families to bring all interested parties to the table to produce family outcomes for cases the Agency is involved with, ultimately compiling a plan agreed upon by the family to ensure safety and resolve existing issues. Responsibilities also include educating family members, natural supports and other professionals about the Family Group Decision Making process.
Essential FunctionsThe following duties are normal for this position. These are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive. Other duties may be required and assigned.
1. Works as a Coordinator in the Family Group Decision Making Practice (FGDM).
2. Conducts preparation interviews and meetings with all participants involved in the FGDM process, utilizing solution focused questioning and other interview techniques.
3. Facilitates and co-facilitate FGDM Conferences
4. Holds follow-up conferences whenever possible.
5. Supports family members, FGDM participants and the FGDM facilitator before, during and after the FGDM.
6. Coordinates of all aspects of a FGDM Conference (e.g. location, meal, travel and participants).
7. Preparations of the finalized Family Plan.
8. Prepares memos to provide to the Court, and testify in court if needed.
9. Attends home visits to assist Caseworkers in explaining and offering FGDM.
10. Remains strengths-based and solution focused during the FGDM process.
11. Contacts family members and supports and work with their availability to schedule the FGDM conference.
12. Completes 20 hours of training annually, and attend the annual Family Group Decision Making Networking Conference.
13. Assists the agency with Crisis/Rapid Response Family Meetings.
14. Communicates with families, hospital staff, and service providers to coordinate and facilitate Plans of Safe Care.
15. Maintains client confidentiality.
16. Arrives to work on time, and have dependable daily attendance.
17. Preforms other related job duties as assigned.
Education and Experience:  Candidates for this position must possess a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or a closely related field, including Human Services Criminal Justice, Psychology, or a major of which a substantial component is working with social service issues. Additionally, one year of casework experience, or any combination of education and experience that provides equivalent knowledge, skills and abilities.
Additional Job Requirements: Valid driver’s license, satisfactory pre-employment drug screen, FBI fingerprinting, background check, Child Abuse Clearance and completion of the computer skills testing.
Language Ability and Interpersonal Communication:
·        Requires the ability to perform mid-level data analysis including the ability to audit, deduce, assess, conclude and appraise. Requires discretion in determining and referencing such to established criteria to define consequences and develop alternatives.
·        Requires the ability to persuade, convince, influence, train, and monitor, in favor of a desired outcome. 
·        Requires the ability to act as a lead person. 
·        Requires the ability to utilize a variety of reference, descriptive and/or advisory data and information such as client records, laws, directories, maps, photographs, referral forms, plans, reviews, policies, procedures, guidelines and non-routine correspondence. 
·        Requires the ability to communicate orally and in writing with Supervisors and all department personnel, other County departments, clients, families, foster parents, outside agencies and service providers, attorneys, medical professionals, judges, schools and the public. 
Physical and Mental Abilities Required to Perform Essential Job Functions:
·    Communicate effectively in person or by using telecommunications equipment.
·    Input and gather data on a computer.
·    Proofread documents accurately.
·    Understand oral and written information.
·        Move and relocate work related items and, if applicable, assist clients with personal items with or without assistance, if applicable.
·  Move and/or relocate child(ren) with or without assistance, if applicable.
·     Provide transportation to clients when appropriate.
·        Enter, exit and move about multiple residential and office settings.
·     Travel to client’s homes/residences in order to serve and meet their needs in their own environment as appropriate.
·        Operate standard office machines.
Mathematical Ability:
·        Requires the ability to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; calculate percentages and decimals; may require the ability to perform mathematical operations with fractions and algebra.
Environmental Adaptability:
·        Ability to work under safe and comfortable conditions where exposure to environmental factors is minimal and poses a very limited risk of injury.
Employee Expectations:
In completing the duties and responsibilities of the position of Family Group Decision Making Coordinator, the employee will adhere to all county policies, guidelines, practices and procedures; act as a role model both inside and outside the County, perform duties as workload necessitates in a timely, accurate and thorough manner and be conscientious about meeting department productivity standards; and communicate regularly with supervisor about department issues.
Clinton County Children and Youth Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The County of Clinton will not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, religion, race, color, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, or disability.
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the County will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities and encourages both prospective and current employees to discuss potential accommodations with the Human Resource Administrator to the extent that it does not constitute an undue hardship to the County.
I have read the job description for the Family Group Decision Making Coordinator, and I fully understand the requirements set forth therein. I hereby accept the position and agree to abide by the requirements and duties set forth. I will perform all duties and responsibilities to the best of my ability.
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