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TikTok and Video Content Fellow

NOTE: ODAC is an undergradute-run non-profit. Please do not apply to this position if you are no longer an undergraduate student.

If you have an interest in creating visuals that help to inform the public of organ donation, contact us to apply for our team! TikTok and video content team members are responsible for creating the short clips or small documentaries used to communicate ODAC’s mission, events, members. Additionally, these medium will serve as a way to engage quickly with Gen Z audiences and act as a medium to link to further resources. These videos will aim to be consistent with the overall look and aesthetic of ODAC and fellows will be expected to work with other departments in order to achieve this goal.

Position Qualifications:

  • Creativity and originality in coming up with various graphics for our content
  • Proficiency with video interfaces—these may include Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, TikTok, iMovie, YouTube, other video editing software
  • Ability to work in a collaborative environment, will likely be expected to present ideas for graphics and revise said graphics based on team input
  • Consistency with deadlines, necessary to maintain regular and constant content
  • Willingness to learn more about the organ transplant community and related scientific concepts
  • Following up with tasks and being accountable for completing regular assignments 
  • Strong communication skills and interpersonal awareness

   Potential Assignments
  • Create TikTok videos about the myths of organ donations
  • Create TikTok videos about information and resources on organ donation
  • Create TikToks showcasing an in-person ODAC event
  • Create Tiktoks with guest speakers who speak to the ODAC mission 
  • Create a mini-documentary about people who are organ receivers
  • Create a mini-documentary about the history of organ donation and how ODAC plays into this growing field 
  • Create a mini-documentary for elementary/middle school audiences about organ donation 
  • Create a mini-documentary for high school audiences about organ donation and registration to become an organ donor 

   This position is perfect for you if..
  • You are a visual learner and/or teacher
  • You enjoy watching videos and making videos
  • You have a talent for editing, directing, acting