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For full vacancy announcement details and to apply, please visit and search for Job Title ANALYSIS (ACF) MARCH 2023 ENTRY-LEVEL VIRTUAL HIRING EVENT - STEM Job ID 122002


This announcement is for external applicants (non DIA employees) only. DIA employees on a temporary/term appointment, military, and contractor personnel are eligible to apply if qualified
for the positions (please be sure to ONLY utilize an UNCLASSIFIED email address within your application). Current DIA student interns need not apply. This is a DIA External Hiring Event that
will take place in March 2023 via a virtual platform. Applicants selected to move forward with the employment process will be contacted via email in January 2023 to submit a writing sample and in late February 2023 to schedule an interview. Specific details with regards to the dates of the event will be provided within the email invite.

All applicants must be U.S. citizens at the time of application. Applicants must meet the agency’s conditions of employment, to include, but not limited to, satisfactory completion of an initial special background investigation and periodic reinvestigation, completion of any required medical examination and physical requirements, completion of any required personal interviews, favorable completion of any required initial or aperiodic polygraph examinations, completion of any required drug test, satisfactory completion of a two-year Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System trial period, and completion of a civilian mobility agreement.

DIA does not guarantee any applicant the extension of an official offer of employment; however, DIA will be screening all employment applicants against its current and future manpower requirements. Selected applicants will be considered for the Agency's Hiring Pool. DIA is an Agency with worldwide positions. Selected candidates must be willing to relocate in support of mission requirements.


This position is a Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS) position in the Excepted Service under 10 U.S.C. 1601. Selectee(s) who are current Federal employees will be appointed to the new position at the grade in which they qualify for. Those at a higher grade than the advertised position, will be asked to accept a voluntary change to the lower grade if selected.

All current and prior Federal employees must also submit a copy of their SF-50, Notification of Personnel Action that documents their appointment to or promotion to the highest grade held. Consideration for future advancement opportunities will be through DIA’s established promotion processes, according to established timeframes, advancement criteria and compensation parameters.



Officers in the Analysis Career Field serve at the heart of DIA’s global mission. Analysis Officers provide cutting-edge analysis from locations around the world on foreign military capabilities and
defense issues in support of our nation’s warfighters, policy makers, and defense planners. Through written products, in-person briefings, or multimedia presentations, their work informs tactical
decisions of policy, defense strategy, weapons development and acquisition, and military planning.

DIA's Analysis Career Field is seeking candidates with STEM degrees and related experience to specialize in advancing all-source analytic methods and producing scientific and technical intelligence.


Advanced All-Source Methods (AAM) analysis officers deconstruct key questions to suggest appropriate methods and identify and exploit relevant data sources. Officers utilize a wide range of existing methods and models (such as game, theoretical, statistical, probabilistic, or agent-based models) to identify appropriate analytic applications and present recommendations for future programs, practices and/or procedures and make necessary changes to meet the needs of changing systems/programs. AAM officers collaborate with mission partners throughout relevant research and development partner organizations, including within the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, Federally Funded Research and Development Corporations, and University Affiliated Research Centers, to align innovation efforts wherever necessary or appropriate and conduct analytic outreach (e.g. to academia) as appropriate in accordance with Agency policy and procedures.


Be a part of our Nation's vanguard against scientific and technical threats by providing the systematic study and analysis of foreign capabilities in basic and applies research and engineering. Scientific and Technical Intelligence (S&TI) all-source analysts warn decision makers of foreign technical developments and capabilities including military weapons systems, emerging and disruptive technologies, the proliferation of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons; along with physical vulnerability assessments and detailing global health response capabilities and threats posed by infectious disease.

DIA is currently recruiting entry-level STEM candidates with expertise in a variety of mission areas in the Analysis (ACF) Career Field at multiple locations.

Defense-related topics (such as but not limited to military capabilities and strategy; terrorism; weapons systems and proliferation; illicit trafficking; energy; telecommunications and logistics
infrastructure; underground facilities; defense economics/industry; emerging and disruptive technologies; and supply chain risk management).

• Combatant command functional areas of responsibility (e.g., space, special operations, strategic, transportation, cyberspace).

• Geographic or regional knowledge (e.g., military, social, political, or cultural expertise).

• Structured methodological approaches to organize data and model probabilities, natural language processing techniques, or statistics tools.

• STEM fields such as physics, mathematics, applied statistics, computer science, data science, chemistry, biology, toxicology, and engineering disciplines including electrical, mechanical, nuclear, aerospace, chemical, computer, general, or modeling and simulation.

NOTE: For this event, the ACF is especially interested in candidates with the following skills and/or backgrounds; China, Russia, cybersecurity, space/counterspace, data science, computer science, nuclear, electrical, and aerospace engineering backgrounds. Such candidates are highly encouraged to apply.


- Aerospace Engineer (0861)*
- Biological Scientist/Molecular Biologist (0401)*
- Chemical Engineer (0893)*
- Chemist (1320)*
- Computer Engineer (854)*
- Computer Scientist (1550)*
- Data Scientist (1560)*
- Electronics Engineer (0855)*
- General Engineer (0801)*
- Mechanical Engineer (0830)*
- Nuclear Engineer (0840)*
- Physical Scientist (1301)*
- Physicist (1310)*

• Analysis officers come from diverse backgrounds and can look forward to careers of rewarding training, advanced education opportunities, and challenging assignments with DIA and the
Intelligence Community.

The below qualities are critical for success as an analyst at DIA:

• Professional Humility: The willingness to change assumptions and conclusions in the face of new evidence, to respect and account for differing perspectives and ideas, and to welcome candid

• Steadfast Integrity: The commitment to professionalism and honesty, accuracy and transparency, and excellence and mission.

• Intellectual Curiosity: The drive to seek out new experiences, knowledge, insights, and expertise.

• Critical Consideration: The determination to consult, weigh, and synthesize all available information and sources in developing insights, judgments, and assessments and identifying
information gaps.

• Constructive Collaboration: The ability to contribute to a dynamic team environment and work through disagreements to reach new insights.

• Clear Communication: The ability to articulate complicated concepts and ideas both concisely and comprehensively.

The ACF has officers at all of the locations listed in the “Location” section of this vacancy announcement; however, STEM positions are located in Huntsville, AL; Charlottesville, VA; Reston,
VA; Washington, DC; and Frederick, MD.

NOTE: While the ACF is hiring for positions at all listed locations, we are especially interested in candidates who are willing to work at locations outside of the immediate National Capital Region.


DIA will evaluate your online application to ensure it demonstrates the knowledge, skills, abilities, work experience, and any mandatory education, certification, and/or license requirements, to successfully perform the duties of the advertised position. Failure to provide clear examples of claimed experience may preclude further consideration of your application.


For full vacancy announcement details and to apply, please visit and search for Job Title ANALYSIS (ACF) MARCH 2023 ENTRY-LEVEL VIRTUAL HIRING EVENT - STEM Job ID 122002