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World Citizen Club Internship - Spring 2023

What is the World Citizen Club program? A grassroots movement, sponsored by the World Service Authority, Citizens for Global Solutions, and Young World Federalists, to engage the world’s youth and young adults in world citizenship education and activism, and to encourage youth to play an integral role in being world peacemakers. Individual World Citizen Clubs being launched on university and college campuses will endeavor to: advocate and educate, build community, and support awareness of and respect for universal rights and world citizenship.

World Citizen Clubs will encourage young adults to be engaged world citizens, to develop a sense of global community, and to participate in social, educational, advocacy, and global service activities and projects.

More information about World Citizen Clubs can be found at

Intern Responsibilities:
  • Reach out to students to promote a World Citizen Club on your campus
  • Determine the requirements for launching the club according to university guidelines
  • Develop a detailed guide for creating and running a World Citizen Club at your school
  • Launch a World Citizen Club at your school
  • Develop and implement new ideas for club events, projects, programs, and activities
  • Network with student union/student center staff, other student clubs, and organizations to inform them about World Citizen Club and to create potential partnerships
  • Create written content for social media platforms
  • Produce videos, photos, art, and graphic designs for social media platforms
  • Grow social media following
  • Write articles for student newspaper about the Club
  • Create flyers and posters and display them on high-traffic areas of your campus
  • Obtain information on advertising in/on the student newspaper, radio show, podcasts, etc. and develop Club advertisements
  • Create and maintain email/contact lists of interested students and faculty/staff advisors, and of professors who will provide time for short presentations on the club
  • Research and implement fundraising strategies and crowdfunding campaigns
  • Assist in writing grant proposals
  • Initiate new projects to enhance awareness and expand clubs in your region
  • Develop strategies to promote and launch clubs throughout North America, and eventually the world

  • Spring 2023
  • 2 to 4 hours per week
  • Session will be held over Zoom and on campus
  • In-depth intern orientation and training
  • Provides experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application in a professional setting
  • Academic credit toward degree (depending on school requirements)
  • Educational and activism internship (volunteer/unpaid)

  • Strong research, writing, editing, and communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Art, graphic design, video, and/or photo-editing skills (preferred)
  • Experience in social media, networking, media relations, fundraising, and customer service (preferred)
  • Enthusiasm for and a demonstrated interest in human rights, and peace, justice and environmental issues
  • Culturally Sensitive

  • Recognize the function of student clubs in advancing human rights, international law, peace, and world citizenship
  • Understand and appropriately apply public relations strategies and social media marketing techniques
  • Identify and use digital resources to further the mission of World Citizen Clubs
  • Communicate effectively with the public using multiple tools and platforms

Program Director:
The internship program is conducted and supervised by a human rights lawyer with more than 30 years' experience in the fields of human rights, international law, and international relations. Student interns will receive feedback regularly and will have the resources, equipment, and facilities provided by the organization to support the students' learning outcomes.

About the sponsoring organizations -- WSA, CGS, YWF:

World Service Authority’s vision is World Peace and Justice through World Citizenship and World Law. WSA’s mission is to educate about and implement universal rights, world citizenship, world law and to create the institutions of law that will help humans to live together peacefully with each other and sustainably with the Earth.

Citizens for Global Solutions’ vision is creating a peaceful, free, just and sustainable world community. CGS’s mission is to educate and advocate for a democratic federation of nations with enforceable world law to: abolish war and global violence in the resolution of disputes, protect universal human rights and freedoms, and restore and sustain our global environment.

Young World Federalists’ vision is to create a sustainable, just, and peaceful world through a democratic world federation -- a world run by humanity, for humanity, providing equal opportunity to all on a thriving planet. YWF’s mission is to build a global movement of support for world federalism, to unite humanity, and ultimately create a democratic world federation. To do this, YWF educates the public and raises awareness, collaborates with like-minded organizations, and mobilizes activists and volunteers.