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Machine learning/ Data science internship


Hindsight Technology Solutions


New Brunswick, NJ - New York,NY, Remote Available

Job type

Temporary, Internship

Application Settings

  1. Book here an interview with us
  2. Send here on Hanshake a motivation letter/message where you discuss the fitness of your profile to this internship and company
  3. After 15 minutes chat we will inform you about next steps
  4. We ask technical and mathematical questions at the interview
  5. Make sure you can easily summarize NN, NLP, CNN, SVM, Logistic regression, Kmeans, KNN etc. And know the difference between normal and power (Pareto, Zypf) law distributions.
  6. Arrange for 2-3 recommendations, to be sent if interview output is positive

Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Perform NLP (Natural Language Processing) computations on small and large corpora
  • Scrape and parse relevant text for classification
  • Build classifiers on small and medium size (5 to 200) taxonomies in English and other languages (Japanese, Hindi, Turkish etc) - speaking other languages is not required but desirable
  • Use state-of-the-art embedding methods including attention mechanism in English and other languages
  • Build recommender systems whether from unsupervised or supervised initial data
  • Run NER (Named Entity Recognition) and help conceive algorithms that help scale to millions of entities (example: starting from a recommender system)
  • Generate training data from GPT models
  • Work with our Quality Assurance Lead to test entity extraction and related content algorithms to further refine our system to be more accurate
  • Assist with building and validating mathematical models applied in the field of Natural Language Understanding.
  • Create sample sets to further train our machine learning algorithms
  • Opportunity to work with the CEO on marketing campaigns and business development initiatives

Minimum requirements

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Relative ease with mathematics, Python and machine learning
  • Positive interaction with the team and management
  • Colab or PyCharm
  • Pandas or SQL
  • Desire to learn more about startups


  • Atlassian Jira, Bitbucket, Confluence
  • Git
  • Image processing skills
  • Strong matrix and linear algebra
  • Strong statistics, probabilities, distributions

Job Settings 

  • Hires Needed: 2-3 hires
  • Expected Hiring Date: 1 to 2 months
  • This is an unpaid internship


  • English