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Music Therapy Intern

The Music Therapy Intern provides music therapy sessions to the classrooms under the direct and in-direct supervision of full-time, salaried Music Therapist (On-Site Internship Supervisor). They are responsible for conducting assessments, developing music therapy plans, providing music therapy treatment, recording data, and completing documentation in addition to university affiliate requirements for their Music Therapy program as determined by the Academic Internship Advisor. 

Essential Functions:  
  • Provide small group music therapy or music instruction (30, 45, and/or 60-minute sessions) to school-age children with special needs including complex communication, physical, and medical needs. 
  • Develops, administers, and coordinates music therapy sessions, activities, and programs for various classrooms following the school curriculum.
  • Implements music therapy sessions that facilitate non-musical goals (e.g., sensory stimulation, cognitive tasks, self-expression, engagement, socialization, etc.).
  • Tracks data and monitor goals for individuals and group music therapy sessions.
  • Collaborates with each student’s therapy team as necessary and appropriate.
  • Initiates Interdisciplinary collaboration with all departments (AT, Speech, OT, PT, administration and Education) to improve and enhance the music therapy program for students including, but not limited to, attending teacher planning meetings and/or assisting with coverage of classrooms.
  • Provides direction to the paraprofessionals, teachers, and related service providers in group/individual music therapy sessions as necessary and appropriate.
  • Monitors and maintains the condition of musical instruments.
  • Monitors and maintains needed supplies necessary to perform Music Therapy sessions, projects, and activities.
  • Meet weekly for 60 minutes with Music Therapy Supervisor.
  • Meet monthly with Director of Department.
  • Complete 900-1020 hours of Music Therapy and/or related tasks during the on-site internship. Additional hours may be required based on the discretion of the Academic Internship Supervisor (University/College Professor) and On-Site Internship Supervisor (iHOPE Full-Time Music Therapist)
  • Complete a case study and special project in an area of interest and present it to the iHOPE community in accordance with the requirements put forth by the Academic Internship Supervisor at the affiliated University/College.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience:  
  • Completed bachelor level coursework required to enter internship status in an accredited Music Therapy Program that follows AMTA and CBMT guidelines. 
  • Eligible to begin internship requirements as outlined by AMTA.
  • Volunteer experience in music therapy is preferred, but not required.

Additional Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:  
  • Must be able to play I, IV, V7 cords and transpose to various keys for at least two instruments.
  • Must be able to sight-read music and improvise.
  • Must be able to sing on pitch and rhythm at appropriate volume.
  • Must be proficient in garage band.
  • Must be well organized with superior attention to detail and able to manage multiple priorities and deadlines 
  • Able to work with a great degree of independence, flexibility, and focus.
  • Works in a collaborative manner with teachers and other related service providers to ensure quality services for the students.
  • Positive energy and enthusiasm for working with children and young adults.
  • Ability to provide a trusting, open, kindhearted atmosphere that encourages learning and participation.
  • Staying current with research in the area of Music Therapy.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Programs 

Business Language: 
  • English

This is an unpaid internship opportunity that is only open to current students. The internship may be able to satisfy course credit if approved by the student's institution of learning.