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Social Media Internship


Dysautonomia Support Network (DSN) is looking for driven, compassionate, and enthusiastic students to join the Education and Awareness Team as Social Media Interns. Under the direction of the Team Coordinator/ Social Media Manager and Board of Director Oversight, the Social Media Intern will assist the Education and Awareness Team with implementing DSN’s mission to provide a COMMUNITY, that EMPOWERS and SUPPORTS those affected by Dysautonomia. 

The Education and Awareness Team’s purpose is: 
  • To curate and create educational content and resources related to understanding dysautonomia in all its various forms, 
  • To empower each other, as individuals and as a community, to use this education as a means to shift from just surviving to thriving and, 
  • To raise awareness of dysautonomia in the medical and local community to create a better understanding and acceptance of these rare and rarely known disorders.  

Social Media Interns will use their unique skills and qualifications to create, implement, and manage social media content related to education and awareness projects and campaigns that have been approved by the Board Oversight and Medical Advisory Board. This is an unpaid, remote internship with flexible hours.


  • Students of an associate's or bachelor's degree program in communications, journalism, public relations, marketing, business, or other related degrees in need of internship hours.
  • Must be over 18 years of age and able to verify enrollment and course specifications. 
  • General knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and internet ranking for web content, social media management and strategy, and social media marketing, or willingness to learn
  • Familiarity with the American Psychological Association’s 7th edition formatting for references and sources, or willingness to learn. 
  • Self-starter, able to work independently and collaboratively within a group, and meet reasonable deadlines consistently in a highly collaborative environment. 
  • Able to work respectfully with teammates and member(s)
  • Able to adapt to projects and assignments to meet the organization's needs. 
  • Able to take constructive feedback regarding project work during the review process as work is looked at from medical, legal, social, and organizational views and make adjustments as needed. 
  • Able to be flexible during the editing process with multiple individuals reviewing the work progress at various stages of development.
  • Able to work with DSN Consultants, volunteers, teams, and members using various communication strategies and technologies. 
  • Able to operate Google Workspace applications, Google Meet, Zoom, and Canva, or have the ability and willingness to learn.
  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills.


The Social Media Intern will be responsible for completing projects assigned by the Team Coordinator/ Social Media Manager in a timely manner. All projects and campaigns will be initially approved by the Board Oversight before development and again upon completion. In addition, all educational materials will be finally approved by the Medical Advisory Board before distribution. 

Should Social Media Interns have ideas for projects or campaigns, they are encouraged to discuss their ideas with the Team Coordinator/ Social Media Manager, who will discuss the process for gaining approval and determining if the idea is viable and feasible with the organization’s mission and values. All programs, materials, and content created by this team shall become the property of the Dysautonomia Support Network (See Publishing Policy for more information).

Duties shall include but are not limited to helping:  
  • Create and manage a working social media strategy, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  • Propose marketing strategies to increase social media outreach in various forms . 
  • Create appropriate content for educational, social media, presentations, and other campaigns. 
  • Create content to promote community engagement. 
  • Create visually compelling and engaging social media posts through Canva or other products.
  • Manage the social media calendar via Google Workspace. 
  • Use Canva and Meta Business  to schedule social media posts.
  • Take feedback from reviewers and integrate them back into work.
  • Communicate with the Team Coordinator/ Social Media Manager if there is a change in status or ability to complete the project.
  • Attend weekly meetings, or other frequency determined by internship needs, with the Team Coordinator/ Social Media Manager to discuss project statuses and attend other various meetings as needed for individual project development and implementation.
  • Attend quarterly Team Meetings via Zoom.  If attendance at a scheduled meeting is not able to occur, the individual will be given opportunities to catch up on missed information through reviewing the recording or reading the meeting notes. This satisfies the requirement. 
  • Complete the DSN Intern Training.
  • Participate in mid-way performance evaluation and end of term performance evaluation as needed.
  • Represent Dysautonomia Support Network with honesty, dignity, integrity, humility, grace, and passion.
  • And other duties/responsibilities as assigned. 


Time Expectations

Social Media Interns will work with the Team Coordinator/ Social Media Manager/ Team Manager to develop a schedule that will allow for the completion of the required number of hours for their course. If the internship is not required for a course, the intern will collaborate with the Team Coordinator/ Social Media Manager/ Team Manager regarding the number of hours desired, but we request that it be at least 3-5 hours a week. Social Media Interns will then be expected to put in the agreed upon weekly number of hours, and document their hours and activities on the Intern Hours Spreadsheet. 

Attendance and Time Off

It is expected that the Social Media Intern will complete all required hours. If there needs to be a change in hours, scheduled time off, or other change in circumstances, the Social Media Intern needs to communicate with the Team Coordinator/ Social Media Manager/ Team Manager as soon as possible. Communication and accountability are key! 

It is expected that the Social Media Intern will attend and/or complete in a timely manner all training events, weekly check in meetings, monthly team communication, and quarterly Education and Awareness Team Meetings. 

Training Requirements

The Social Media Intern will be required to complete the Dysautonomia Support Network Training and Orientation on their first day.


The Social Media Intern may resign at any time by prior written notice of such resignation to the Team Coordinator/ Social Media Manager/ Team Manager. Such a written resignation will be effective on the later of (1) the date it is delivered or (2) the time specified in the written notice that the resignation is to become effective.


Communication Policy 

If an Intern has not communicated a change in their status/availability, or a need for time-off, and has not contacted the Team Coordinator and/or Team Manager in the past 30 days, their Dysautonomia Support Network account will be suspended. They will also be removed from applicable elevated status’ and permissions, such as Community Moderator permissions and DSN Social Media access. Notification of this event will be sent to the Consultant’s personal email address(es) on file. After this occurs, should the Intern wish to become active again, they will need to reach out to the Team Coordinator and/or Team Manager and have a conversation. If, at the end of your contract term, the intern has not become active, their account will be deactivated, and their term ended. Should the intern wish to rejoin the team after this time, they will need to reapply via the online application.

Publishing Policy

Any work that is produced or published is not the property of the individual, but rather the property of Dysautonomia Support Network. When appropriate, we will give credit to the authors or creators of the work, but the individual does not own the rights to the work. At any time, Dysautonomia Support Network can revise, take down, and repurpose the work for the needs of the organization. If this occurs and you are not part of the revision process, your contributions will still be recognized, though others might be added for their work. Individuals cannot use work created for DSN for their own profit. Published public information can be shared and distributed in alignment with the intent of the document, but it cannot be altered in any way so as to remove DSN. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International licensing will be used for all published work by the organization, unless indicated otherwise. 
Interns can use work created for DSN in their personal portfolio.

Project Proposal Policy

Interns are encouraged to bring their own passions and ideas for dysautonomia education and awareness to the team. If they have an idea for a project that they would like to see accomplished, the Intern can discuss the idea with the Team Coordinator/ Social Media Manager/ Team Manager, Team Managers, and Board Oversight. A Project Proposal can be developed and will be reviewed by the Board Oversight to ensure that the project aligns with DSN’s mission and values. Consideration will also be given to the resources available at the time to accomplish the project. Appropriate credit will be given to the individual(s) responsible for the project creation and implementation.