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JOB TITLE: Bilingual Community Organizer
(Latinx LGBTQ+ & Underserved Communities) 
Under the direction of the Director of Prevention Services, the Bilingual Community Organizer will focus on carrying out program activities to meet client needs as set by BIENESTAR.  
The Bilingual Community Organizer has a comprehensive understanding, knowledge and experience of the health needs and the social justice issues that influence the health outcomes of Latinx LGBTQ+ and underserved community members. The position focuses on providing knowledge and skills regarding HIV/AIDS, STDs, Hepatitis, Substance Abuse, Mental Health and addressing the social determinants of health and community barriers that increase health disparities for Latinx LGBTQ+ and underserved community members. The goal of the position is to create and promote a healthier, more positive environment for Latinx LGBTQ+ and underserved community members through a lens of equality and justice.   
1.      Assist in the program development and ongoing program evaluation to develop program activities that address the health needs and health disparities of Latinx LGBTQ+ and underserved community members. 
2.      Develop, implement, and coordinate activities to recruit, train, engage, and mobilize Latinx LGBTQ+ and underserved community members to be involved in the promotion and creation of healthy communities by serving as Agents of Change.   
3.      Enhance the prevention and mobilization efforts by addressing issues related to health, social and economic empowerment of the community. 
4.      Deliver a variety of program services addressing the needs of diverse target groups. 
5.      Conduct comprehensive activities that inform and address the health and social inequalities encountered by the community to create community empowerment.  
6.      Create & sustain networks that have as outcomes mutual support and fraternal outcomes. 
7.      Identify a network of peers to serve as ambassadors to disseminate the needs of and advocate for Latinx LGBTQ+ and underserved community members. 
8.      Prepares weekly/monthly/quarterly program reports and keeps accurate program data and documentation to meet program obligations. 
9.      Provide participants with the skills to engage in community mobilization and advocacy activities. 
10.  Actively participate in agency events, community meetings and activities to promote the goals of the agency. 
11.  Other duties as assigned. 
1.                  Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, Sociology, or any Social Sciences preferred.
2.                  Three years of demonstrated experience in a similar position required. 
3.                  Knowledge of prevention efforts related to health, social, and economic empowerment of the communities.
4.                  Ability to organize and advocate for the Latinx LGBTQ+ and underserved communities.
5.                  Experience mobilizing and leading the community in social justice and civic engagement.
6.                  Expertise in organizing LA county residents in policy and advocacy efforts.  
7.                  Familiarity with navigation and linkage of programs for high-risk populations.  
8.                  Ability to communicate with grassroots community organizations.
9.                  Experience and interpersonal skills working with culturally and socially diverse community groups including the Latino and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender, and the underserved. 
10.              Experience working with community members to engage them in volunteer activities, organizing events, and civic action endeavors.
11.              Bilingual English/Spanish with excellent verbal and written communication skills
12.              Ability to participate in public speaking events and media outlets.  
13.              Experience and interpersonal skills working with culturally and socially diverse community groups including the Latino and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender, and the underserved.
14.              Able to work independently within an agency team and have excellent organizational skills.
15.              Self-motivated, problem solver, and able to organize job assignments with strong leadership skills.
16.              Ability and willingness to work in a team-oriented work environment, with professionals and paraprofessionals from different disciplines, as well as volunteers and clients.
17.              Must have a reliable form of transportation as travel to different sites within LA county is required.  

HOURS: 40 Hours - Some Weekends & Evenings.
SALARY: $25.00 - $30.00 per hour commensurate with education and experience.
BENEFITS: Medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, 403b retirement package with matching contribution, and 14 paid holidays.
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