NextEra Energy, Inc.

If you have the experience in a construction manager role at NextEra Energy, how did you prepare for the interview process?

I Have always researched the company to see their market share, to see what tenancies are as to where they are headed. Also this is a smaller industry so I try to find some people who are in the current position or someone and know, someone to pick their brain a little bit about what will be requ...
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What's a day in the life of a Nuclear Intern at NextEra Energy, Inc. like?

I was lucky enough to work with the Rapid Response Team, so I worked on different urgent/emergency issues that arouse at the plant. I was on the restricted side, most engineers are not, but I was in and out of the plant on a regular. It was enjoyable to switch from different problems, but other i...
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How would you describe the company culture at NextEra Energy, Inc.?

I worked in Wisconsin. It was a culture shock for me, but the people were nice for the most part. I was included, especially with my crew in rapid response they were great! All of the interns flew into the headquarters in Florida that was a completely different dynamic, but the company is for sur...
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What's a typical day as a Nuclear Design Engineering Intern at NextEra Energy like?

Typically there will be one to two meetings per day. These could be with on-site management, co-workers, vendors, etc. One you complete the nuclear worker training, part of the day will be spent working on your individual intern project and part will be spent assisting coworkers and tagging along...
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