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About Reading Partners

Reading Partners is changing the education landscape. We are a leader in working to solve the literacy crisis in our country by leveraging community volunteers in under-resourced schools. Our diverse and expansive volunteer base provides one-on-one tutoring to students twice weekly, and our program is proven to help children master the reading fundamentals they need to unlock their potential as successful, happy and confident readers in school and in life. Our people are our heartbeat and our greatest resource; we are all passionately rallied around our mission to help children become lifelong learners by empowering communities to provide individualized instruction that works. Join our stellar team leading the charge to deepen our impact and expand our service. Learn more about us at


Literacy Lead

September 2021 Charleston, SC
“The hands-on experience with children. You are responsible for their education, which is the most pressurizing experience you could ever have. It really puts into perspective being a teacher.”

distance tutoring coordinator

August 2020 Dallas, TX
“Understanding with school and taking classes Prioritize mental health Weekly training for our job and topics included in REDI (race, equity, diversity, inclusion)”
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