Reynolds and Reynolds

How involved would you say upper management is to your success at Reynolds and Reynolds?

Not a great deal, really. You are assigned subsidiaries and mostly work with the support and contract teams. Upper management only steps in if there is a new process they want to review or if there is an issue that needs to be addressed. There are ad hoc reports sent to upper management so they w...
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How is the interview process like for Reynolds and Reynolds?

The interview process was very calm. The interviewer would gain an understanding of how familiar one was with specific software and hardware. Even if one does not have much knowledge, they teach you on the job. I went into the interview not knowing much about computers but they were willing to te...
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Can you discuss the essential qualities for someone at Reynolds and Reynolds to succeed?

In order to succeed at Reynolds and Reynolds, you have to be a team player and efficient. There were always a great number of orders needed to be complete so you are never bored because there was always something to do.
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Is there access to a mentorship program at Reynolds and Reynolds?

My mentor at Reynolds was more of an individual to teach me the ropes of the organization. The Digital Marketing Internship for NakedLime at Reynolds and Reynolds encompasses everything from Search Engine Optimization and Social Media to Media Design and Advertising. Zach, my mentor, specialized ...
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Did you enjoy your time at Reynolds and Reynolds?

My experience at Reynolds was incomparable. The company possessed a great reputation, while remaining people-focused. When I say people-focused, I don't mean just the employees and the clients, but the community, as well. Working the typical 8 hour day during my internship, my post 4:00 p.m. life...
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What's your input on whether or not it's worth it to start my career at Reynolds and Reynolds?

Reynolds and Reynolds is THE place to kick start a career in Digital Marketing. While my future occupation does not include work of that sort, it helped me get my feet wet in the corporate world and gain professional experience in a field I was not familiar with. My fellow interns are still frien...
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What does the career timeline look like in terms of your specific role at Reynolds and Reynolds?

Reynolds has 2 accounting departments, Houston (Texas) and Dayton (Ohio). The Houston office offers A/P, A/R, Billing, and Collections. There is little upward mobility, but they are known to create positions for some they want to hold onto. The Dayton office offers tax and analysis, along with de...
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Can someone speak to what it takes to succeed for someone in accounting at Reynolds and Reynolds?

The requirement for this area is to have a degree; they are not specific on the area of study. Excel skills are greatly beneficial here! I used advanced functions of Excel daily, even multiple times within the hour. Knowing access could be helpful but isn't necessary. Reynolds uses a proprietary ...
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Describe your day at Reynolds and Reynolds, curious to hear about it!

My days as a member of the PC Repair Team were spent working on orders specified by the companies associated with Reynolds and Reynolds. The orders usually consisted of replacing the older hardware (CPU, FDD, CDD, RAM, etc.) with newer models that contained the specific software specifications re...
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What value does the billing department bring to Reynolds and Reynolds?

Well, without Billing, there would be no funds anticipated to run the company! Billing is probably the most important department in Reynolds accounting because they must be reliable. They are translating contracts into bills, ensuring that support is staying on track, and reporting revenue number...
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