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About Security Benefit

Our focus is retirement - helping you save for it and, most importantly, helping you enjoy it to its fullest potential.
At Security Benefit, we are fast becoming one of America's leading retirement companies by offering a compelling and customized suite of retirement savings products to help pre- and post-retirees achieve a secure retirement.
Since 1892, Security Benefit has been in the business of helping others. We do that today by fostering strong partnerships to provide insightful and customized retirement solutions for employers and individual investors nationwide through a broad network of independent financial professionals.
We continue to deliver on our long-standing reputation for excellence. We're here to provide solutions that lead up to and carry you through your retirement years.
For more than 100 years, we have been serving the needs of our clients based upon a set of core values and a belief in what we do. Please scan our history to learn about our heritage of service and security for our customers. How can we help you?
We are specialists in helping independent financial professionals build their businesses and help their clients plan for retirement. We offer innovative savings and retirement income products, designed to help you to and through retirement. All of this is built upon a solid financial foundation that means we believe we can deliver on our promises and your future.


Internal Controls Intern

June 2020 Topeka, KS
“The internal controls team at Security Benefit is wonderful! They allowed me as an intern to work on actual projects and gave excellent feedback to help me improve and learn more.”

Investment Fund Relations Intern

January 2020 - September 2020 Topeka, KS
“SB is a great company and offers great opportunities for everyone.”
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