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Trillium Trading, LLC is a leading proprietary electronic equity trading firm. The firm has over 100 experienced traders working in its New York City, Chicago, IL, Miami and Austin, TX offices and is one of the most active and innovative firms in its industry.
Equity traders make split-second buy and sell decisions and place orders on a keyboard-based trading platform while under the supervision of a Senior Trainer/Trader. This position offers a high amount of autonomy and independent judgment from an early stage of employment. Recruits enter a highly structured training class where they will begin their journey to be a career short term equities trader. The position begins with a base salary, and the trading account is fully funded from our prop account. We cover all the training costs and provide career long mentoring and full funding.
A successful Trillium applicant is a current year college graduate with strong analytical and quantitative skills, a competitive, self-motivated personality, and a record of achievement in academics, student businesses, games or varsity sports. Must have a strong interest in financial markets and work/compete effectively while under intense time pressure. Major in economics, mathematics, or finance preferred but not required. 3.3 + Cumulative GPA preferred.
Trillium Trading also targets college Juniors entering their Senior year for our Summer Trading Intern Program where we seek potential new recruits at an even earlier phase of their college career. Further details are always available on our website in the careers section.


Proprietary Trading Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 New York City, NY
“In this internship, you get paired with a full-time trader who acts as a mentor and teaches you about the industry and specific roles of the job. Also, there are daily mock trading competitions that allow you to practice the techniques learned during the internship.”
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Is there a training program for Trillium Trading's Equity Trading internship program?

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