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Does anyone have any good questions to ask a Dell Recruiter at a job fair/during an interview?

Ask about Dell's long-term strategy, acquisition game plan, and possible public offering. Dell boasts that it covers everything from "desktop to datacenter." Push back on this; their strategy has been a bit of a wild goose chase. Asking about strategy shows an interest in what technologies might ...
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Specific strategies to market myself to a Dell recruiter at a career fair?

- Talk to Dell recruiter about your programming skills - My team at Dell worked on C++, Java and Python. Sell your skills if you know these languages. - Dell has a very famous embedded chip for remote management of Servers called iDRAC. Know about iDRAC and how it functions inside Dell Servers. -...
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In your opinion, what does it take to be successful at Dell?

1). Get your work done, and do well. This is the basic foundation for to start your career, and why you get hired. But, instead of only focusing on your "required" daily responsibilities, it's very important to be proactive to take more (not only by quantity), offer different solutions and make i...
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Do you have any tips to share before my interview with Dell?

Know Michael Dell's story. If you can express admiration for the college-dropout-with-a-vision-creates-Fortune50-company, it will stroke corporate ego and make you stand out. Trust me. His story is one of the first things you will learn in training.
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If you've worked at Dell, could you speak about their company culture please?

- I worked at Dell India and things might run a little different in the United States. - I was given importance to what I wanted to do. My thoughts are valued. - I had a okay-ish work life balance. Too much work in less time period. - I had health issues and I could work from home on days I was n...
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Would you say Dell is a good place to start one's career in tech?

Yes, I think it is. It's a great place to start because you jump right into the 2-year training program and then after that you will have seen 4 different areas of finance.
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Can someone tell me if Dell offers a mentorship program? And if so, how does it work?

Yes, interns each have a mentor to guide them. Some internships are more structured than others, e.g. some have a certain project to do, while others hop around between projects and teams. In either case, both are experiences that are identical to that of a full-time role, and interns are treated...
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How much do interns make at Dell?

You hourly pay is based on your experience and college level I believe. During the summer before my senior year I was earning $23 an hour. If you live more than 50 miles away from you main campus, they will provide you with the option of getting Intern Housing which is completely paid for. The ho...
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Do Dell interns receive extensive training during onboarding?

Interns at Dell are all given background information and then given a research project to work on for their team, which they get to present at the end of their internship to high-up executives at Dell. As an intern, you will work on internal and external research, the knowledge for which will be ...
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Can someone tell me what a Technical Support Engineer at Dell does? How is the work day structured?

Taking tech support calls from customers that range from highly experienced IT professionals to elderly folks who need help with MS Office. At the same time, emailing existing customers regarding unresolved cases
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Anyone care to share some pointers to turn my internship at Dell into a full-time offer?

Add tangible value to the team/project you're on. Learn quickly and show how you're valuable and difficult to replace. Things like quantifying the number of tasks you finished, working part-time during school, will show them that you're an asset and worth hanging onto.
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How's the daily life of a software engineering intern at Dell?

In my typical day, I would start by meeting with my mentor. It would usually be a quick chat to go over what I've been working on, and what tasks I'm going to tackle that day/rest of the week. Usually just a basic high-level conversation about design and approach. My mentor was very good about pr...
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What were your likes and dislikes about being an account manager at Dell?

Working at Dell EMC is fun in general. Dell does a great job hiring extremely capable, funny, and creative people; the culture and commitment to diversity is real. Vendors love to bribe the sales force, so you can expect free food, gadgets, and swag on a semi-normal basis. Company programming is ...
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For anyone currently in Dell's HR Rotational program: 1. What type of projects did you work on during your rotation? 2. Did you feel adequately prepared for each new position? 3. What positions did you get upon graduating from the program? 4. What skills would you recommend someone highlight when applying for such a position.

1.      What type of projects did you work on during your rotation?a.      Within the HR Rotation program, you can experience two types of roles – generalist or specialist. In a generalist role, such as an HR Business Partner, you will work on projects in a range of HR areas. Examples of such pro...

What is it like to work as a Sales Analyst Intern at Dell?

I would always get to work before 9 am, craft my coffee in the cafeteria, then go to my very own cubicle. My first task of the day was to record all the sales the reps had made, around the world, overnight. I did multiple projects like this; where you are pulling data and then manipulating it for...
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What skills are needed to be a GIS Intern at Dell?

This is a toss up, as my job was about 75% GIS analysis, and 25% writing a research proposal. While my colleague only used GIS briefly. An ability to understand, summarize and write research papers, was more important than GIS. In depth knowledge of excel is helpful, I frequently used functions l...
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Is there much of a work-life balance as a GIS Intern at Dell, Inc.?

It depends on the manager. I worked about 30 hours a week, on my own schedule, and usually worked from home. My colleague worked in the office, on a set schedule. They all relish a positive work and life balance, it's part of their identity. They have an onsite cafe with Starbucks, and tasty food...
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What does an IT intern do at Dell Inc?

My role included performing battery life, CPU performance, and other tests on all of Dell's FY18 devices to better enhance the FY19 catalog devices. The results from the tests were geared towards the various roles that would be using the various devices.
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What are the main experiences I should point out in an interview for a customer service position at Dell?

The Customer Service position at Dell requires the ability to work in a high stress/fast paced environment. Multi-tasking and have a full understanding of escalation processes are key. Additionally, showing that you have a sense of urgency for issues that are important for customers is important.
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Going into an interview at Dell soon. What are some of the characteristics that they look for in candidates?

Dell is looking for innovative thinkers who can work independently and is not afraid to ask questions. I would highlight these qualities and then any experience that you may have had with technology, business, procurement, or supply chain.
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